Save the Sea

If you want to save the sea, stop eating those who live in it!

VeganVoices Featured Book

Urgent! by Captain Paul Watson
Save Our Ocean to Survive

Amazon Book Description
Captain Paul Watson, founder of the direct-action group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, has spent decades protecting the ocean’s ecosystems and marine life and developing a knowledgeable and intimate relationship with our seas. With depth, clarity, and compassion, Watson identifies the numerous ways we are sabotaging the ocean’s ability to sustain life on this planet.

URGENT! explains the apocalyptic scenario that is our future if we don’t act now. There still is time to mitigate some of the consequences of the climate crisis. Watson provides a roadmap for us to navigate a way out by lowering our carbon footprint, becoming actively involved, and drawing on our passion and courage to find potential solutions. His credo is: “We don’t change the world without making waves.” Shop Now

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