Forbidden Fruit

Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden until they were banished for eating meat, the real “forbidden fruit.”

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The Real Forbidden Fruit by Jeff Popick: How Meat Destroys Paradise And How Veganism Can Get It Back (Paperback)

Amazon Book Description
It’s not news that eating meat is unhealthy, destructive to the environment, and cruel to animals, but what is new is Jeff Popick’s new book, The REAL Forbidden Fruit, which offers compelling evidence that meat was the real “forbidden fruit.” Using spirituality, physiology, sociology, environmentalism, and logic, The REAL Forbidden Fruit demonstrates how meat-eating is destroying our health, our planet, our societies, and even our connection to God. But there is hope. Popick shows in a comprehensive, clear, and entertaining style how veganism overcomes all of society’s problems in one fell swoop, and can put us back on the path to the paradise our world once was. Shop Now @ Amazon

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