Greetings and thanks for stopping by. I’m Carl, a VeganDude. I’m 71 years-young and VeganVoices is my blog. I went vegan after my near-fatal car crash in 1993. I was forty at the time. The crash happened while I was going to work. It changed my life forever. Among other things, my near-death experience gave me a new appreciation of life, both human and nonhuman. I believe that all sentient beings have equal value and should be respected. Killing animals for food or any reason is not respecting life. VeganVoices for the animals. VeganVoices for the planet. VeganVoices for your health: mind, body, soul. Keep scrolling for more VeganVoices.

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The Bible says God gave
humans “dominion” over
nonhumans. She didn’t say
breed them by the billions
to be murdered for
humans to eat.

Live Vegan

Live a life that’s not contributing to cruelty.