Free The Animals

Zoos are prisons for beings
who never committed a crime.

***VeganVoices Book Suggestion***

Free the Animals: The Amazing, True Story of the Animal Liberation Front in North America (30th Anniversary Edition) by Ingrid Newkirk is the story of Valerie, a twenty-three-year-old police officer in Montgomery County, Maryland, whose world is turned upside down when she learns about the abuses of animals in laboratories. The book describes how this law-abiding woman comes to challenge the system by taking direct action and examines why ordinary people are moved to do extraordinary things on behalf of animals. Full of fascinating characters, vivid descriptions, and thrilling incidents, and rich with details on what it means to live life on the run from the law (and agents provocateurs), Free the Animals is not only a classic for our times but a compellingly relevant examination of our cruelty to other animals.

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