Veganism is a commitment to nonviolence.

VeganVoices Book Suggestion

Homo Ahimsa by Judy McCoy Carman , M.A.
Who We Really Are And How We’re Going to Save The World

Amazon Book Description
Homo Sapiens has ravaged the earth. Warnings of species extinction and ecosystem collapse are escalating. But while we tremble to see the damage our species has done, we are, at the same time, heading for a massive paradigm shift in human consciousness that can bring us and all earthlings out of these dark times and into a new way of living that works. We are becoming aware of our true heart which sees all life as sacred and interconnected. We are becoming Homo Ahimsa–the kind, nonviolent, compassionate and nurturing creatures that we were always meant to be. (Ahimsa is the Sanskrit word that literally means non-harm. More broadly, it means reverence for all life, non-killing, and caring for all life rather than destroying it.)

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