Everyone is against animal cruelty
until it’s time to eat.

***VeganVoices Book Suggestion***

Please Don’t Eat Meat by Nelia Faye Gay. You will enjoy this book if you love animals. It is filled with beautiful photos of farm animals having fun, having babies, and learning that they are meat. This story will help you to understand why you should not eat meat, and the last chapter tells you directly what can happen to your body when you do eat red meat. You will have as much fun as the babies in the story while reading this book. Then, hopefully, if you change your diet a little bit, you can live a longer and healthier life. Please don’t eat meat.

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Animal Eater

This is what a meat-eater looks like to a vegan when they’re eating animal flesh.

***VeganVoices Book Suggestion***

Living Among Meat Eaters: The Vegetarian and Vegan Survival Guide (Bloomsbury Revelations) by Carol J. Adams offers real-life advice that vegetarians and vegans can use to defuse any situation where their food choices come under attack. She suggests viewing meat eaters as blocked, and their responses to vegans and vegetarians as signs of what keeps them from changing. The book provides strategies for conversations, insights into hostile behavior, and tips for dining out and entertaining at home among meat eaters, who Adams points out are perfectly happy eating vegan food as long as they don’t know that is what they are doing.

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Eating Meat

Eating animal flesh is a barbaric ritual.

VeganVoices Book Suggestion

What in the World Are We Eating?: The Physical, Mental, and Social Effects of Eating Animals by Temitope Sonuyi. By exploring the physical, mental, and social repercussions of eating animals vs. plants, the author draws a distinct line in the sand that cuts across our economy, biology, health, gender, love, war, religion, and consciousness.

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Do You Care?

Vegans don’t care WHAT you eat.
Vegans care WHO you eat.

***VeganVoices Book Suggestion***

Eat Like You Care: An Examination of the Morality of Eating Animals by Gary Francione and Anna Charlton puts the issue of eating animals squarely on the table. How can we justify the fact that we kill many billions of land animals and fish every year for food? However “humanely” we treat and kill these animals, the amount of animal suffering we cause is staggering. Yet no one maintains that animal foods are necessary for optimal health. Indeed, mounting empirical evidence points to animal foods being detrimental for human health. But however you evaluate that evidence, there can be no serious doubt that we can have excellent health with a vegan diet.

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Hell On Earth

If they could speak, what would they say?

***VeganVoices Book Suggestion***

A Vegan Planet: Your guide to a life transforming journey by Jeff Letendre is a guide providing clear and scientific answers to your questions debunking the many myths surrounding veganism. Diet, essential nutrients, meal planning, industrial farming, environmental issues, health, the economy, vegan athletes, vivisection, and frequently asked questions are some of the many topics covered in this book.

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Meat Screams

Don’t eat food that screams.

***VeganVoices Food Suggestion***

Maya Kaimal Foods – Organic Indian Everyday Dal – 6 pack variety of 10oz Ready to Eat Meals – Fully Cooked – Vegan – Kosher – Microwavable – made from Lentils, Beans, Squash, Coconut, Peas.

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No Shovin’

Animal lovin’ ain’t shovin’ them in the oven.

VeganVoices Featured Book

The Modern Savage by James McWilliams
Our Unthinking Decision to Eat Animals

Amazon Book Description
In The Modern Savage, renowned writer, historian, and animal advocate James McWilliams reveals the scope of the cruelty that takes place even on the smallest and―supposedly―most humane animal farms. In a world increasingly aware of animals’ intelligence and the range of their emotions, McWilliams advocates for the only truly moral, sustainable choice―a diet without meat, dairy, or other animal products. Shop Now

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Also available in Hardcover.

No Faces

Your meat had a face, a beautiful face.

VeganVoices Featured Book

Why I Don’t Eat Faces: A Neurophilosophical Argument for Veganism by David Christopher Lane (paperback)

Amazon Book Description
Imagine the pain of an animal and then to ask yourself one straightforward question: Do I need to kill it in order to live? And, if you do not need to eat animals to live a good life, then ask yourself the following, and perhaps more pertinent, questions: Is slaughtering a cow, beheading a chicken, or hooking a fish necessary? Is my palate the driving force behind my ethical values?

Also available in Audiobook